Boranup Forest has to be one of the most iconic parts of our Beautiful South West… Towering Karri Trees stretching for miles along our rugged coast, and it was here, nestled amongst the giants that Eleanor & Alvin exchanged their vows and pledged themselves to one another.

Enlisting the creative genius that is Rebecca Grace at naturalartflowers, El & Al had an arbor built from the ground up, made up of stunning natural blooms and foliage reminiscent of the surrounding beauty. blackbirdtale_ was once again right amongst it all, capturing every moment of this surreal Ceremony.

With a request for all guests to be seated, we outlayed a Ceremony consisting of our Classic Bentwoods lining each side of this whimsical aisle. The crisp white of our Bentwoods, contrasted perfectly with the natural greens and browns of the Forest, oozing sophistication. We then brought out the big guns, matching our Luxe Sheepskin throws with our Teak Bench Seats, creating alluring aisle seating for the guests to swoon on. Our Natural Sisal Rugs paved a path to the stunning arbor, where El & Al stood on a Round Sisal Rug and said the 3 magic words. The deal was then sealed on paper using one of our White New York Bar Tables which nestled itself nicely among the trees. Oh and did we mention a quartet of strings serenaded the crowd whilst Eleanor walked the aisle?! This was a fairy-tale Ceremony come to life.

None of this would have been possible without the skill set of the fabulous events_kirstinzan. Her key eye for detail and ability to envisage such beauty enabled us to create a magical yet unique ceremony that left all in awe. A helicopter then whisked the couple away to Leeuwin Estate for a reception that saw the fairy-tale continue on well into the night under the starry South West sky.