JANUARY 2018, Ollio Bello

Let us take you back to the 20th of January 2018… Teak benches line a perfectly manicured Olive Grove, framing the aisle that Jacq would walk to the man of her dreams, Lucas. An Arbor made of vertical Gold beams housed a natural Floral arrangement, created by a favourite delaterre_, that one can only dream of speaking their vowels before. Combine these with the most perfect gold details and natural foliage arrangements, and you have one of the most visually pleasing and unique Ceremonies we have had the joy of being part of!

The talented tiffanykealcreativestudio had the honor of pulling together this dreamy Wedding, making use of her creative eye and teaming up luxury marble & gold detailing with the raw beauty of the Australian Outback. They truely are creative geniuses at The Tiffany Keal Studio, any wedding with them on board is bound to be divine!

Now the Reception…. and my word what a Reception this was! wonderlandtentsandevents brought their usual A-Game and perfectly placed a Clear Marquee in amongst the infamous Olive Groves of oliobello. Our Natural Dining Tables and White Bentwood Chairs filled the Marquee, with again the subtle gold & marble details making up a tablescape that screamed natural sophistication with that tinge of luxury. Guests would then look up and find our Natural Rattan Pendants suspended in Olive Branch arrangements creating an almost fairytale like feel the evening. Marquee lighting credit to our great friends over at capeeventsyallingup, who ensured their festoons and our pendants left no-one in the dark!

To compliment the stunning sit-down side of the Reception, a Cocktail design that rivalled no other adorned the Olive Grove. A grazing table fit for a King sat nestled under two olive tress, with our Natural Dining Table proving more than ample space for all the goodies. Our Classic White Double Service Bar sat as a welcoming feature under the Festoon Lighting, with the champagne flowing all night. Guests then had the option to relax on our New Byron Collection and Navy Lounges or catch up with friends and family utilising the Alexander Bar Tables and Natural Stools.

This truly was a unique Wedding in the best possible way… The gold animal statues, the marble detailing, the natural timbers contrasting with the Olive Groves, all of it was just perfect. And we couldn’t forget keepercreative, who’s eye of detail and capturing just the most perfect of moments meant we can all continually look back on this dreamy day and swoon.



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