December 2018, Larry Cherubino Estate

“Tradition means giving votes to the most obscure of all classes — our ancestors.” -G. K. Chesterton

And what an ode to tradition transpired on the beautiful grounds of Larry Cherubino Wines (larrycherubino) , under a sky of stars, fairy lights & the most heavenly of floral installs, courtesy of the ever amazing team at naturalartflowers.

Guests of Jenna & Daniel were treated to a Jewish ceremony under a custom built Chuppah thanks to the @theoriginaleventcompany before being ushered through the Fairy Light Tunnel, expertly installed by micktric_events himself, into quite possibly the most beautiful Marquee, styled by Lara at white_events and her truly talented team.

Splashes of blush pink, mixed through with earthy browns and clean whites dominated the stunning  Floral hanging installs, skying above our winning combination of Natural Dining Tables and Crisp White Bentwood Chairs. Our Renaldo Pedestal Table made a cameo appearance, having the honor of being positioned as the Bride & Grooms personal dining table, located in the centre of the Marquee, nestled under what could only be described as a Waterfall of Floral Delight ; A Floral Hanging Install to trump all installs. The team at Natural Art Flowers really are artists in their own rights.

With jimmons behind the lens, every moment was captured in perfect clarity. Whether it was the donning of the “kippah’s”, the Bride & Groom being lifted on ( our bentwoods!) chairs to dance “the horah” or just the simple beauty of watching jewish tradition being passed down through the generations and incorporated into such a beautifully styled Wedding… This was a very special day to be part of and we will look back on these images in awe. Well done team!




James Simmons Photography828_JSP_06048



James Simmons Photography864_JSP_02027916_JSP_02145859_JSP_01995