March 2018, Howard Park

There truly is something special about sitting under the stars with a glass of French Champagne, great friends & family to your left and to your right, a plate of delicious food in front of you, celebrating the union of two people hopelessly in love with one another.

This was the stage that was set for the guests of Kelly & Rich’s breathtaking Wedding at the stunning grounds of howardparkwines.

Let us start with the Ceremony and Kelly, in her awe-inspiring dress by andreagorriebridalcouture, walking down the lush green lawns to stand by her man and exchange those vows that would bond these two together. Our White Bentwood Chairs once again showed their elegance, arranged either side to create this perfect aisle, with poppysflowers on Floral duty creating bouquets to die for and  natural Arbor detailing putting us all in a dream state.

Once the Bridal Party & Groomsmen finished basking in the glowing afternoon sunshine, they made their way back to what we would describe as the “Holy Grail” of Clear Marquee setups. With an A-Team made up of wonderlandtentsandevents (Marquee), capeeventsyallingup (Fairy Lighting) and Ourselves (Furniture, Styling, Lighting), what more could you expect!?

Let us paint the picture for you… Start with a Clear Marquee, lined with 3 Long Tables made up of our Natural Dining Tables and White Bentwood Chairs. Striking white floral arrangements nestled atop our Grey Linen Table Runners with our Whitewash Rattan Placemats and Polished Silver Cutlery finishing off the Tablescape. Now, the part that had us all picking our jaws up off the floor…. A Fairy Light formation creating a firefly-like sky above the guests with our Natural Rattan Pendants illuminating the festivities. All of this with a clear roof allowing the South West Sky to put on a light show of its own.

It still gives us chills to think back on this wonderful day & night. A big shoutout to cortaknee, who’s ability to capture the raw beauty of this day is a true testament to her talent behind the lens. We wish Kelly & Rich only the best and many, many more happy memories!



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